So, what is Bitesized Engineering?

I’m glad that you asked! What few people know is that I thought about naming it “Toilet-engineering” - because I envisioned a newsletter which you could read while sitting on your toilet. It should be short, sweet and useful. And hell, you’d leave the toilet hopefully a bit more knowledgeable than you entered.

Well, the name was flushed (no pun intended) but the idea remained - I’ll be doing deep-dives into topics that I find interesting, and create infographics for each so that you can consume them within a minute or two. Here’s just one example to give you an idea:

Yep, that’s pretty much how each article will look like :) I pick a topic and then do 15 - 20 infographics on it. So far I wrote about DB Storage Engine, DB Indexes, Containers, C++ & Memory Allocation and CLR and .NET runtime engine.

Oh, and I publish at least twice a week, and occasionally more often :)

Whose behind it?

Mihailo Joksimovic, nice to meet you! :)

Senior Engineer @ Microsoft, REBT attendee of 7+ years and life-long explorer :)

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